"I chose HCA because of the overall atmosphere of the school. The administrators make a point to know every child, and they encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education. You feel like you are part of a family from the first day you walk through the door so it eases my mind knowing my children are being taught in such a welcoming environment."

Brandy Wood
Parent of 4K and 2nd grader

"We chose Horse Creek Academy because we were looking for a school that had a family atmosphere and encouraged parents to be involved. We also like having smaller class sizes. This allows the teachers to have more one-on-one time with students, providing personal attention to meet their needs and more time to effectively communicate with parents."

Monica Moore 
Parent of 2nd and 4th grader

"As a former fifth grade teacher of 6 years when it came time for my oldest son to head off to school there are a lot of things that I looked for in the schools our family toured that came out of personal experiences as an educator. Classroom size was number one on my list. Having taught classes of 30-35 students I know how easy it is for students to get lost in the masses when you have larger classes. HCA limits the size of the classroom, thus creating a much more personal learning environment. Communication and transparency were also very important to me. After touring the school and talking with teachers and staff, I felt as though HCA was a very open and transparent on any areas of weakness and what they were doing to improve.  It was easy to communicate with teachers and staff and all my questions were always answered VERY quickly. The last thing that made us choose HCA was the amazing relationship that is built between the school and it’s parents. Requiring parents to serve 30 hours each year per family at the school was very impressive to our family. Serving those 30 hours each year has proven to be easy and incredibly fun! My husband and I have taken turns going on field trips. We have worked book fairs, the Santa Shop, and we have loved purchasing items that the teachers and staff were in need of knowing how hard they all work. HCA is an amazing community of love and support and that is felt every time we are at the school and we know our children feel it everyday."

April Running Waters
Parent of 2nd grader



"I just wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation for Horse Creek Academy - for its education and staff. Our daughter, Lilly, is in her second year at HCA and it has been a joy not only to see how much she has learned but her enthusiasm for learning as well. Mrs. Jennifer Kelley made our transition to Kindergarten, at a brand new school, such an easy one and Lilly was very prepared for first grade this year where she is loving Mrs. Amanda Sweeney’s class. Having observed her classes; it is clear that the teachers have a genuine love for their students. We are very thankful that Horse Creek Academy charter school has provided us with an alternative to traditional public school, particularly because our school zone is not where we would have wanted Lilly to attend. Our hope is that HCA will continue to grow and thrive while offering the best education and environment possible for its students."

Dr. Adam and Courtney Bruckner
Parent of 2nd Grader

"We came to Horse Creek Academy as a Catholic family from a private Catholic school. In the school we came from, students were in one of two categories; your family was part of the secular elite or you were paying for your child to be a “Movie Extra” in the reality show the school was creating for the local secular elites. Your child’s school experience socially and academically was based on this structure, like all movies, the “movie extras” are expendable, depending on the plot line. We decided the environment at our last school was not healthy for our family. We had heard from friends about Horse Creek Academy, and that Dr. Roberson and Mr. Brown were taking over in 2016. Both men have stellar reputations for running schools with high academic excellence and we knew this school was a winner, and would be a winner for years to come under their leadership. Horse Creek Academy has far exceeded our expectation. The class sizes are perfect, the academic standards high and in some cases higher than what we were “paying for” at our last school. The teachers and administration are excellence, they care about all the children, communicate regularly, hold the children accountable and most importantly, teach all the children. None of the children at this school are “movie extras” in someone else’s life movie. We are proud HCA parents. We are very happy with the choice we made and recommend the school all the time to people looking for a great educational experience for their family."

Joe Deskevich, Jr. 

Parent of 5th Grader