HCA's school's car-line procedure is implemented daily to ensure the safety and security of our students. We kindly ask that ALL PARENTS USE THE CAR-LINE.  The safety of our students depends on all drivers following these procedures. 

Morning Drop Off:
At 8:30 a.m. the car-line  loop will be closed and barricaded, drivers will not be able to access the area. At this time you will need to park and walk your student inside.

Afternoon Pick Up:
The inner right lane of car-line is only open for those drivers who need to access the middle school car-line area. 

The left lane will remain open for all drivers to proceed to the exterior perimeter of the car-line that pick up from the front  of the school. This area will be closed and will not open until 2:45 p.m. Please be advised that NO vehicles will be able to proceed to the front of the school until the barrier is removed. 

4K and 5K Car Line:
All drivers need to remain in the vehicle during car-line.

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