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Rosalyn Bowman

Finance Chair

Jake Edwards


Robert Fazekas

Facilities Chair

Kim Fralick

Governance Chair

Jenny French


Kevin Murray

Vice President

Yolanda Dortch

Education Chair


Horse Creek Academy’s Executive Board of Directors and the school's administration govern HCA.  The executive board's responsibilities include administration selection, policy and goal establishment, current practice review and school budget approval.  The HCA executive board has seven members.  Five members are nominated and elected by HCA staff and parents, and two members are appointed.  Elections are held no later than the end of September, and all members hold two year terms.  The executive director's responsibilities include the day-to-day operation of the school, selection of staff, admission of students, direction of curriculum, coordination of activities, and communications between the school, parents and community.  The executive director reports to the executive board.