Gym Class Information

Clothing and Shoes:

In order to receive a daily participation grade, students must wear athletic type sneakers to participate.  Students may not wear boots, flip-flops, dress shoes, slip-on shoes or Sperry's (K-8th grade requirements).

5th-8th Graders:

5th-8th graders will have the opportunity to dress out for physical education.

If a student chooses not to dress out for physical education, they will be required to participate in their school uniform.

Acceptable Clothing for Physical Education (5th-8th)

  • T-shirts and long sleeve shirts--shirts must not display anything inappropriate
    • Plain solid shirts preferred
    • NO tank tops or spaghetti straps, no hoodies
  • Athletic Shorts or Pants--Pants/shorts will be worn at the waist
    • Shorts must not be more than 2-3 inches above the knew
    • No undergarments may be exposed
    • Elastic, tight stretch or spandex are not allowed
  • Jewelry--Long or dangling earring are a safety hazard and are not allowed
  • Please bring deodorant! :)

Locker Room Conduct

  1. Please keep the noise to a minimum
  2. All students must change in the PE locker room
  3. You are allowed 5 minutes to dress and report for warm-ups/attendance
  4. 5-10 minutes will be allowed at the end of each hour for changing
  5. Horseplay of any kind will not be tolerated in the locker room area
  6. Profanity will NOT be tolerated (ZERO tolerance rule will be enforced)
  7. Students are to report to the gym and stay in the gym after dressing to leave for their next class/dismissal (Standing in any of the doorways is not allowed)
  8. Students that leave the PE area without permission will receive a ZERO for that day and will be susceptible to administrative discipline.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Amanda Poe at or call the school.  Thanks!