*HCA operates on  a lottery system.  The lottery is a random selection process by which applicants are admitted to our school.  This process ensures that all applicants have an equal chance of being admitted.

*HCA is a public school of choice, and, as such, is free to attend.  There is, however, a non-refundable $40 processing fee due along with your child's enrollment application.  

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The open enrollment period is now closed; however, you may still apply to HCA.

Applications submitted after March 30th will go into our waitlist lottery and will stay on file through the 2018-19 school year. 

We will have another lottery drawing on June 11th after retention decisions have been finalized!


IMPORTANT NOTE: For your application to be considered complete and for it to enter our waitlist, you must come by the school to pay the $40 processing fee (or provide proof of Medicaid).

Thanks for your interest in joining the HCA family!

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