Horse Creek Academy was founded in 2002 under the name Midland Valley Preparatory School in Graniteville, S.C.  A small institution, it started with a low number of students in grades 4K-6 set up in small portable units.   The closeness of the faculty, staff, students and parents fostered a supportive community that was in tune with every child’s individual educational experience.  MVP soon expanded to include education in 7th and 8th grade, offering a complete middle level education based in its philosophy of choice in education and individual attention. In fall 2013, under new direction, the MVP administration and executive board saw that it was difficult for the nurturing faculty to carry out its important mission in such a small space.  The school was created to give parents and students a worthy choice in free public education, so they decided that an expansion would provide the means to do so.  Plans to buy a new facility started taking shape at the beginning of 2014, and the purchase of a property in Aiken, housing an unfinished school, was made in April of that year. Once plans were in motion to purchase the new facility, the decision to change the name of the school was made.  Midland Valley Preparatory School became Horse Creek Academy to signify both the school’s journey into the horse country of Aiken, S.C., and its roots in the Horse Creek area.